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Cash Car Rental Services – Car Hire without a Credit Card Required

At Cash Car Rental, we understand the value of each of our customers and we are passionate about service. We provide quality rental vehicles and excellent car hire after-les support.

Our focus is on putting clients first and we deal with each customer as an individual. Each question or query is attended to with speed and efficiency.

With Cash Car Rental you get:

· Corporate Accounts
· Airport Transfers and Shuttle Services
· Delivery & Collection Services Offered
· Unbeatable Long-Term Rates
· The lowest rates
· Cash/Credit/Debit Card Bookings

Cash Car Rental strives to exceed your car rental expectations from the very first time you contact us, and every time thereafter. Your customer service advisor will take care of your car hire needs throughout the duration of your vehicle rental. Our service extends beyond face-to-face interactions when you collect or return your vehicle.

We offer a 24/7 Customer Service and Emergency linefor when you need it most. Contact a customer service representative whenever you require assistance – day or night.

Core customer service strategies

Cash Car Rental is a service leader because of theway we interact with our customers. In order to maintain our high standards of service, we follow a core set of strategies:

Providing priority service to each customer, dependent on their specific needs
·Honouring the price quoted
Providing 24/7 customer service and support throughout all spheres of our business
Providing prompt and accurate billing
Providing rapid complaint resolution to ensure customer satisfaction at all times

By striving to follow the above strategies, we ensure that all our customers will continually experience an exceptional level of service.

Not only that we also offer an amazing selection of Value added service on Products

o Comprehensive Super Cover Insurance
o 150km Free per day
o Easy Payment Plans
o Mobile Phone and GPS available
o Baby Seats now available on request
o 24hr Emergency Line
o Vehicle Tracking for your safety
o Our National Network Link

Customer service goals

Our systems and infrastructure give us the ability to resolve all queries within a maximum of 2 working days. Moreover, our customer service department is consistently given a positive response by our customers.

Submit a compliment, query or complaint to our customer service department.

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Comprehensive Super Cover Insurance

When renting or hiring a car from most car rental Companies offer you offered the choice of a waiver/s, which is not advisable in most circumstances. Simply put this means you have no third party cover and in the event of the car being involved in an accident you would have to pay double the excess or the full value of the car.

When renting a car from CASH CAR RENTALwe only offer comprehensive cover as standard, which means in the event of an accident or something happening to the car you will only have to pay for the excess. As an added measure of protection all of our rental vehicles in the fleet are fitted with a fleet management tracker system so in the event of theft or a hijacking of the vehicleyou will not have to pay any excess.

150km Free per day

When renting a car from Cash Car Rental, you will automatically qualify for 150 Free kilometres a day. Unlike other vehicle rental firms we are flexible, which means that for an extra negotiated fee on top of your daily car rental you can choose the right Freekilometre per day package best suited to your need.

You could for example request 200km per Day free which will cost you a little more on your daily Rental but you could avoid being charged for km. Always remember that a well planned trip could save you lots of money; therefore an important question to be asked is: WHAT FREE KILOMETRES AM I GETTING.

You also have a choice of unlimited kilometres ensuring you won't want to end up spending a huge amount on kilometre charges.

Lowest Rates and Custom Car rental Packages

When renting a car from CASH CAR RENTAL all of our rental vehicles come with on super cover insurance as standard which means:

· A low Deposit on rental of R3,000
· Low collision excesses.

At Cash Car Rental we design car rental packages that are best suited to your needs. We know and understand that not all car rentals are theme; there are different types of clients all with different sets of requirements. Some will require it for leisure purposes whilst others might require it for business travel; and other might require a frequent traveller package.



Rent a Car with Cash

With Cash Car Rental's the longer you rent a car with us the cheaper your Daily Rate will become.

Cash/Credit/Debit Card Bookings

With a soaring demand in clients wanting to pay Cash, by debit card or by means of internet transfer Cash Car Rental'shas for the past 8 years offered this service to all that require a rental car but do not own or want to pay with a credit card.

To make a booking with Cash Car Rental we will require an upfront deposit of R3,000 and your rental for the duration of the lease. Upon return of the Car your deposit will be refunded to you; either in cash or via EFT.

Unbeatable Long-Term Rates

Cash Car Rental offers exemplary service and variety when it comes to affordable car hire. Not only do we offer a range of budget vehicles and executive cars for hire, but we also offer variety in the length of your rental period. Whether you require long term car hire for a business trip or a holiday, Cash Car Rental has the long term car Rental'solution for you. Our affordable monthly car hire is perfectly suited for those who find themselves in need of transportation over an extended period of time of longer than 30 days.

What are the Benefits of our Unbeatable Long-Term Rental?

· Not only will you have a great set of wheels for your own personal use
· Long term car rental is a lot cheaper than the daily rate. Provided you are renting it for 30 days or more you will get superb cheap monthly care hire rates.

Delivery & Collection Services Offered

There are many reasons you might want to hire a car for Cash or with a Debit Card, but one of the most common is that will be either on holiday or on business, or alternatively your car may be off the road for some reason and you need a temporary solution for getting around. This can often make it difficult to arrange collecting a replacement car.

Some companies offer a service where you can be picked up and taken to the hire location to fill out the paperwork and collect your vehicle however we believe this is unnecessary and a waste of your time.

At Cash Car Rental we simply matters by offering a completely free delivery and collection service which means you can get your car, bakkie or van delivered right to your doorstep or even your place of work so you can simply sign for the vehicle and get on with your life.

Corporate Accounts

Save time and money with a Cash Car Rental Corporate Account!

When it comes to business travel, we know that choosing a rental car company can be a dilemma. At Cash Car Hire, we are dedicated to creating a customized program for you with great rates, personalized service, and dependable cars.

Our programs offer huge savings and fantastic benefits:

· Cash Car Rental Car Rental vs. mileage reimbursement... Your company can save significantly by renting cars for your employees instead of paying mileage reimbursement.
· Cash Car Rental Corporate Rates are always guaranteed... Your rate is your rate. Regardless of seasonal or demand-based rate increases, your corporate discount remains a constant.
· Rentals even if you are under 25... Cash Car Rental will rent to your employees if they are at least 21 years of age and we'll even waive the underage surcharge when travelling on company business.
· Members-only discount car rental program
· Monthly billing options
· Cars you can count on... Cash Car Rental carries only late-model, dependable, low-mileage vehicles.

To get more information on our corporate account please contact us on +27 (0)861 127 751 or info@cashcarrental.co.za

Airport Transfers and Shuttle Services

The Most Reliable, Quick and Easy Direct Transfer Option

Don't want to fight your way through traffic or put up with bumper to bumper delays, taxis or road works, then let Cash Car Rental 'sAirport Transfers and Shuttle Servicestransfer you in comfort and style or do you need to:

· Get to the airport or from the airport? Cape Town International Airport; Durban Airport; Johannesburg Airport
· To an important meeting or to an exclusive soirée?
· From your hotel to shop, visit a museum or visit the next town?
· To the office or home, or maybe to a night club and back again?
· To the movies, to dinner, or to your friends, or to the mall?

Whatever your reasons to get from point A to point B at Cash Car Rental we can help.

Mobile Phone and GPS available

Are you travelling to South Africa for the first time or visiting a new city you are not familiar with? Will you be exploring new cities and towns? Driving a hire vehicle from Cash Car Rental is an ideal way to travel when visiting South Africa.

This useful service is ideal for people who are visiting South Africa on holiday or business. We know that when you travel, you may need a cellphone and GPS to help you find your way around and be able to contact people.

By renting a cellphone and GPS, you will be able to get to your destination easily and communicate with friends, family or clients.

Book your cellphone and GPS rental now to assure an easy and enjoyable visit to South Africa.

Baby Seats now available on request

Safety is our main priority, especially that of young children and baby's. At Cash Car Rental we can supply a range of baby/child seats that will ensure you have the correct seat for your child for the duration of your rental.

All of our baby/child seats can be requested at time of booking by filling in your requirements on the "special requirements" box.

If you have any specific requests or questions about this service please do not hesitate to contact us on +27 (0)861 127 751 or info@cashcarrental.co.za

24hr Emergency Line and Road side Assistance

You can rely on Cash Car Rental emergency 24 hour road assistance when you rent or lease a car from us. If an accident occurs or vehicle is not operating at normal conditions, please contact our emergency staff immediately.

Vehicle tracking for your safety

Like most Rental Car Companies Cash Car Rental is concerned about our customers' safety. There are numerous precautions you can and should take to ensure a safe and pleasant journey, and for this very reason all of our vehicles are fitted with state of the art satellite vehicle tracking systems allowing us to pin point your location in the event that something might go wrong.