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Renting a car from Cash Car Rental is not only easy and affordable, it can also be cheap! Read more about what Cash Car Rentalhas to offer.
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1. About Reservations

As a result of our nationwide network of Branches, Cash Car Rental's Southern Africa customers can now take of advantage of our 24 hour call centre for support and reservations across its product ranges.
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We suggest you reserve your car well in advance. This will ensure that we are able to provide the exact car group of your exact choice.
We will need the following information:

  • the name of the driver
  • the car group you prefer
  • the date of rental
  • collection and delivery locations
  • Preferred payment method: Cash, EFT, Debit card or Credit Card
  • Cash Car Rental Central Reservations: +27 (0)861 127 751

Payment options
Cash Car Rental-recognised credit and debit cards include American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa, Solo, Maestro and electron as well as EFT Payments. The rate you are charged depends on the duration of the rental and your choice of car, bakkie or transporter. Cash Car Rental has daily, weekly and monthly rates and the minimum rental period is 24 hours. Look out for regular specials on our web site.
To find out more about Cash Car Rental reservations, go to our Frequently Asked Questions, read about Waivers and Liabilities and review the Terms and Conditions.


2. Traffic Fines

No one likes to pay traffic fines, and that is just a fact! As a general rule we at Cash Car Rentalsuggest and strongly recommend that at all times you stick to the rule of the Road.


  • 1-75km/h - 0 demerit points and R250
  • 76-80km/h - 1 demerit point and R500
  • 81-85km/h - 2 demerit points and R750
  • 86-90km/h - 3 demerit points and R1 000
  • 91-95km/h - 4 demerit points and R1 250
  • 96-100km/h - 5 demerit points and R1 500
  • 100+km/h in a 60 zone - 6 demerit points, no option of admission-of-guilt fine.

The same scale applies to other speed zones, starting with R250 for 10-15km/h over the speed limit, with the admission-of-guilt limit set at 40km/h over the speed limit, faster than that and you must appear in court.
So what happens if you get a traffic fine?
The answer is simple, as the renter of the vehicle you are liable for payment of all traffic fines. We at Cash Car Rental charge a handling fee of R100 for traffic fines under R300 and a handling fee of R190 for fines over R300 and this will be charged to you directly.
Q: Are there any hidden costs?


3. Want to reduce your car rental bill?

Want to reduce your car rental bill? All you need to do is ask; at Cash Car Rental we can gladly assist you be it for longer periods or special occasions or needs.
A little planning and some considered changes to your typical rental habits can result in a significant reduction to your car rental costs.
Select your choice of vehicle according to your actual needs by considering car size for luggage and passenger space. Renting a lower car group means less fuel consumption, cheaper waivers, reduced excess and lower damage costs.
Consider sharing with a colleague when you are travelling to the same region and attending the same events. This will reduce the overall cost to company.
Depending on your business or the meetings you need to attend, you could consider using a Point-2-Point transfer instead of car rental. This will allow you to sit back, make calls, check your email or rehearse your presentation before your next appointment. And you won't need to worry about getting lost or searching for parking.
Watch the 24-hour clock and make sure you get your vehicle back to Cash Car Rental in time.


4. Additional Services

Whatever the car Rental'services needs of our individual customers may be, whether you require a vehicle for business or leisure purposes, at Cash Car Rental we know that people are more important than cars. What matters most to our customers, matters most to us and so our range of value-added services has been specially developed with our customers in mind. We invite you to take full advantage of these facilities designed to enhance your personal rental experience with Cash Car Rental.


5. Cash Car Hire GPS Rental

If you require a GPS unit for your rental vehicle all you need do is ask, for more information about or range of affordable GPS system now available please visit our Value Added Service page.
Each Cash Car Rental branch also offers a range of complimentary local maps available for you to take with you on your journey. Please feel free to ask any of our Cash Car Rental Client Service Representatives to assist you with directions to local sites all across South Africa.
For more information on our local branches in Cape Town, Durban, or Johannesburg please visit our Provincial Branches page.


6. Frequently Asked Questions

All prices and fees quoted on this Cash Car Rental are correct. However, our prices are regularly reviewed and are subject to change without notice.

Conditions for renting a vehicle are often bewildering and can lead to resentment when the invoice amount is presented for payment or is reflected on your credit, bank statement or debit card. In order to prevent these misunderstandings Cash Car Rental explains some of the most common areas of confusion.

Q: What methods of payment does Cash Car Rental accept?
A: Cash, EFT payments, Credit or Debit Card, for more information on this please visit our Services Page.

Q: What is the minimum age to rent a car from Cash Car Rental?
A: You should be 23 or older with a valid driver's licence card that you have held for 3 or more years. There is a R150 surcharge per day for drivers younger than 23 and for drivers with less than 3 years' experience. This surcharge is also applicable to additional drivers who do not meet the age and experience requirements.

Q: What type of driver's licence is accepted at Cash Car Rental?
A: A valid South African driver's licence card or a valid international driver's licence with your passport will be accepted.

Q: What do you need to bring when you hire a car from Cash Car Rental?
A: All we will require from you is:

  • Valid RSA ID Book / International Passport / RSA Driver's Licence / Int. Driving Permit
  • Proof of Residence if residing in SA or Flight Details,
  • Refundable Booking Deposit from R3000.00

Q: What is the cost for an additional driver and what is it for?
A: The fee of R190 applies per rental, irrespective of its length, thus is for risk and administration related costs for multiple drivers. Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Additional drivers must meet the age, experience and licence requirements referred to in the questions above.

Q: What happens if you get traffic fines?
A: The renter is liable for payment of all traffic fines. We charge a handling fee of R100 for traffic fines under R300 and a handling fee of R190 for fines over R300.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No, none at all.

Q: When will my final invoice be ready?
A: It is available as soon as the contract is closed, which for most renters is immediately after rental termination.

Q: What do you do in the event of a breakdown?
A: Contact Cash Car Rental on the Emergency Roadside Assistance toll-free number +27 (0)861 127 751 (SA only).
The renter will be assisted in the following way

  • Message Relay Service
  • Flat Tyre Assistance
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Extrication/Winching Service
  • Towing Service

Please note that under most normal circumstances clients will not be charged for road side assistance unless the renter is at fault.

Q: Should I fill my car up with fuel before I return it?
A: No. When a vehicle is returned to us at any one of our locations, we automatically top up the tank, irrespective of what the fuel gauge reflects. Your invoice will reflect the actual fuel amount and we do not charge a refuelling fee.

Q: How are kilometres driven charged?
A: The rental rate you have chosen may include a specified amount of free kilometres a day, as standard you will receive 150Km free a day. Should you require more free Kilometres per day we will gladly assist you with this

Q: What if I want to extend my rental period?
A: If you wish to extend the rental beyond the original return date, authorisation must be obtained from Cash Car Rental prior to the expiry of your rental agreement.